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Our Vision Statement


Lealholm School aspires to provide quality learning experiences which will be both challenging and rewarding for all our pupils and which will continue to raise standards in all areas.

We seek to create a welcoming and caring environment that is also lively and stimulating. We recognise and value the progress and achievements children make.

Children need to be happy and confident and to develop self-discipline in order to achieve their full potential.

The school aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which also promotes the pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We will also endeavour to provide equality of opportunity in all aspects of our work and to meet the needs of each pupil.

Finally, the staff and governors value the best possible partnership between parents/carers and the wider community and recognise the importance of promoting the support they offer, to the benefit of all our pupils.


Promoting British values at Lealholm Primary School



We agree with the Department for Education’s five-part definition of British values:

• democracy
• the rule of law
• individual liberty
• mutual respect
• tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

At the LealholmSchool pupils will encounter these principles throughout everyday school life.


The ability to communicate is the most important area of learning.  At LealholmSchool we ensure that pupils are given a ‘voice’ to communicate. Pupils have a great amount of input in regards to what and how they learn.

We encourage our pupils by giving them opportunities to make choices about the things that they believe to be important. By valuing each ‘voice’ and by listening and responding to that voice we demonstrate that we support democracy and liberty.

The Rule of Law

Our pupils will encounter rules and laws throughout their entire lives. We want our pupils to understand that whether these laws govern the class, the school, the community or the country, they are set for good reasons and must be adhered to.

This understanding of the importance of rules will be consistently reinforced through assemblies and our curriculum. The involvement of our pupils in the creation of our schools “golden rules” helps them to understand the reasons behind the rules and the consequences if they are broken. Throughout the year we welcome visits from members of the wider community including police, the fire brigade and many more. We believe that clear explanations and real life stories emphasise the importance of the rule of law for our pupils.

Individual Liberty

We invest a great deal of time in creating a positive culture in our school, so that children are in a safe environment where choices and freedoms are encouraged. We educate children on their rights and personal freedoms as well as supporting them in recognising how to exercise these freedoms safely. At Lealholm we believe that valuing choice and freedom in daily school life will foster a value for individual liberty as the children embark upon their adult lives.

Mutual respect

Mutual respect is at the core of our school life. Children learn to treat each other and staff with great respect. This is evident when walking around t

Pupils are encouraged to become good and valued citizens. We do this by supporting each pupil to become as independent as possible. We endeavour to demonstrate that everyone has rights; this includes the right to say ‘No’ to ideas or activities that they do not want to take part in. Some pupils will be able to take responsibility for particular roles and to understand that with certain rights comes a level of responsibility. Learning to do things independently is an important part of learning to understand yourself.  We support others by participating in charitable events such as, Unicef Day for Change and Children in Need.  At LealholmSchool we believe that by engendering a caring and helpful environment and by learning to be independent can boost and nurture a healthy self-esteem.he school and in the classrooms.

Events and circumstances are planned for pupils to go into the community to meet with a range of people in a variety of situations which include: sports events, community events and shared participation with other EVA schools.

It is important to facilitate opportunities for Lealholm to be part of the community as the pupils, staff and families and have much to offer in the development of community cohesion.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

At Lealholm we offer a culturally rich and diverse curriculum in which all major religions are studied and respected. We strongly believe that tolerance is gained through knowledge and understanding. Through our curriculum and the routines of our daily school life, we strive to demonstrate tolerance and help children to become knowledgeable and understanding citizens who can build a better Britain for the future.

Our Assemblies and PSHCE lessons help all pupils to find out about themselves and others linking their lives to the community in which they belong. The themes cover areas such as: friendships, helping others and celebrations from a range of faiths and world events.

The staff work closely with parents, carers and other professionals to ensure that the pupils at Lealholm are happy, well cared for and enabled to learn the skills they need to live a fulfilling life as part of their community.

Recent projects related to British values:



How We Promote it



  • Circle time activities ensure that every student in our school has a voice.
  • In our investigations into life of the Anglo-Saxons (Our topic for Spring 2016) the juniors looked at the foundations of democracy.
  •  Democracy is also promoted during daily assemblies.


The Rule of Law

  • High expectations of pupil conduct are reflected in our Behaviour Policy and ‘Golden Rules’ which are displayed in each classroom and used consistently.
  • Ethos in school is one that recognises that behaviour has consequences, negative and positive. Rewards such as Team Points are given to those who exhibit good and kind behaviour and demonstrate our values.
  •  In assemblies, PSHCE and RE lessons our pupils are supported to develop a strong and personal sense of morality.


Individual Liberty

  • In all parts our curriculum and in day-to-day school life children are taught
     about personal responsibility, ambition and choice. We make sure to offer every child a wide range of opportunities by inviting outside experts to help us instruct them in music and sport as well as a range of afterschool clubs.
  •  Children are taught about keeping themselves safe, including eSafety, through assemblies, ICT lessons and visits from organisations like Childline and CEOPS.


Mutual Respect

  • We have high expectations of pupil conduct in our school as reflected in the Behaviour Policy




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